What We Provide

This service is a complete mobile vehicle wash, it can be anywhere you want it to be. Whether at your work place, your home driveway or car park. MvC is kitted out with everything needed as well as power and purified water.

During your personal wash, I'll use various detail brushes to clean wheels, exteriors badges, vents, for all hard to reach places. Clean microfiber cloths will be used, once only (no cross contamination), Microfiber wash mitts used. pH-neutral products.

F12 Berlinetta Internal Valet

Mini Valet from £40 

Price will vary on vehicle size

Small £40, Medium £55, Large £65

(excessive condition may incur an extra charge)

  • Snow foam pre wash - To remove and loosen dirt and grime​ and rinsed.

  • Contact wash using two bucket method and luxury wash mitts. Premium shampoo used with carnauba wax (unless vehicle is ceramic coated)

  • Wheels and barrels cleaned using non-acid wheel cleaner, arches flushed and wheel dressing applied.

  • Body dried using plush thick microfibre clothes, to prevent scratching

  • Windows cleaned in and out.

  • Interior dry vacuumed only. (Boot included if empty) 

    Internal and external plastics, vents dashboard, center console, steering wheel, stalks, seat belt buckles cleaned using antibacterial cleaner and door trims cleaned.

  • Air fragrance applied.

Full Valet from £75 

Price will vary on vehicle size

Small £75, Medium £100, Large £125

(excessive condition may incur an extra charge)

A Mini Valet plus the following:

  • Chemical decontamination carried out after contact wash. This includes iron removal from wheels and paintwork as well as tar spots. 

  • Hydrophobic sealant applied to exterior providing at least 3 month protection and showroom shine.

  • Interior deep cleaned using steamer to deodorize and remove any bacteria and germs and wet vac used where heavy staining removal required. Please note interior will need time to dry.

  • Leather upholstery will be cleaned and restored using leather balm to rejuvenate leather.

BMW Xmoto_edited.jpg

Motorcycle Valet from £50

  • Includes pre-wash and degrease prior to 2 bucket contact wash, using various detailing brushes and techniques along with a blow dry and application of ACF50 to avoid rust and corrosion and re lube chain.

  • Use of degreaser on wheels and motorcycle body as well as apply chain cleaner on chain.

Additional Services

Interior Deep Cleans: From £45

  • For those who want to valet the interior only. This service includes shampoo of upholstery to removing stains etc.  Please note interior will need some time to dry.

Engine Bay Cleans: From £30

  • Engine bay area degreased, cleaned and dried to provide factory finish look.

Machine Polishing: £POA

  • Paint correct, removal of light scratches and swirl marks etc - 

Detailing Services: £POA

  • A very thorough clean, the aim is to hit every area possible, interior, exterior, engine bay, exhaust tips, under boot storage etc.

Fabric Guard: From £30

  • Interior upholstery and matts treated with fabric guard, prevents staining from spills. liquids will bead and repel.

Glass Coating: From £50

  • Water will blow off your windows at speeds of 30mph. Water will roll off leaving a virtually spotless surface. Glass will stay cleaner for longer and contaminates will be easier to remove. 

Fine Detailing
Car detail use of brush.jpg

Terms and Conditions of Use

Heavily soiled interiors such as excessive dog hair, straw and heavy staining will need extra time and will be charged at an additional cost of £20 a hr. This will be discussed on the day. Should your vehicle be heavily soiled please inform us during booking to ensure enough time is allocated.

Weather can be a major factor when undertaking services and is out of our control. We will always endeavour to inform you of an appointment that requires rescheduling as soon as possible.

It is the customer’s responsibility to allow all round access to their vehicle and for me to park our vehicle within close proximity. Cancellation of bookings will need at least 48 hours’ notice from appointment time.


Booking Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable £20 deposit will be required for all services.

This excludes detailing or any bespoke services, which require a £50 deposit.

Once a booking is confirmed, we will require your address details and a contact number.

Following the service, payment must be settled immediately via cash, card or bank transfer.

Cancellation and rescheduling

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment; this must be requested 48 hours’ notice in advance of your appointment date. If an appointment cancellation falls outside of these terms, your deposit will not be refunded.

Should Mobile Valet Clinic need to cancel your appointment, your deposit will be fully refunded.

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