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Mobile Valet Clinic

MvC was born from my passion for cars, how they look and how they are cared for.

 From a very young age this passion led me to start cleaning cars and motorbikes, to earn 'pocket money' around my local area.


When I purchased my first car, every week I spent 3-4hrs cleaning, polishing and waxing. I have always wanted to keep my cars looking new and I have always had the usual comments 'you spend too much time cleaning'.

However the enjoyment I get from seeing instant results is addictive and satisfying.

This is my approach with MvC I treat all customers cars with the love care and attention I have always given to my own vehicles. 


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Contact MvC

Have a question? Get in touch today.

I can't always hear the phone when working so the best way to get in touch is by email: or via the contact form below.

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